Here will will post any pictures, videos, stories, etc Supernatural fans send us as they attend the Nashville 2011 convention. Please feel free to share your goodies by emailing us!

Convention Guests
* Jared Padalecki ("Sam WInchester")
* Jensen Ackles ("Dean Winchester")
* Misha Collins ("Castiel")
* Brock Kelly (Young "Dean Winchester")
* Corin Nemec ("Christian Campbell")
* Chad Lindberg ("Ash")
* Richard Speight, Jr. ("Trickster"/Gabriel)
* Matt Cohen (Young "John Winchester")

Nashville Convention offical page


Pictures from Nashville 2011

Thanks to our Fan of the Month, Heather, for these awesome pictures from Nashcon!

Heathers Pic_16 Heathers Pic_15 Heathers Pic_14 Heathers Pic_13 Heathers Pic_12 Heathers Pic_11 Heathers Pic_10 Heathers Pic_9 Heathers Pic_8 Heathers Pic_7 Heathers Pic_6 Heathers Pic_5 Heathers Pic_4 Heathers Pic_3 Heathers Pic_2 Heathers Pic_1


Stories & Write Ups

Nashcon Write Up by Meredith Jacobs

Jared confirms his Twitter account



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