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2011 Links


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Episode 2 articles (COULD BE SPOILERY), Photo Preview of Episode 3

Star power lights up glamorous Vancouver fundraiser (photos and video)

Review of Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 6

09.26.2011: SEASON 7 PREMIERE DAY!!!!

Season 7 is here and with it are Bekah's awesome reviews. Check out her latest review here.

Laughing Vixen Lounge is helping to raise money for A Dog's Life Rescue. Now is a great time to pick up a little something special for your favorite Supernatural fan. Check out her site below:

SUPERNATURAL: Sera Gamble and Robert Singer on Season 7's Premiere and What’s to Come

Supernatural’s Iconic Sci Fi Character Trifecta

Misha Collins On Writing And 'Supernatural'

Actors deliver star power to glamorous Vancouver fundraiser

Supernatural Set Visit! Stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Serve Up Smokin'-Hot Scoop

'Supernatural' Spoilers: What Just Happened?


Supernatural Season-Seven Scoop: When Bad Things Happen to Good People

'Supernatural's' seventh season premiere introduces an extreme power shift

Supernatural’s Executive Producers Preview Season 7 (Spoiler Warning!)

Check Out This Exclusive Excerpt From the New 'Supernatural' Companion

Sera Gamble previews what’s to come for Sam in ‘Supernatural’ S7


Episode 2 Stills, Casting Spoiler for Episode 8

Interview: Misha Collins Thinks Nobody in Hollywood is Watching "Supernatural"


New Supernatural comic series

Preorder Season 7 from Amazon

Supernatural Exclusive Video: Dean and Sam Bow Down to Castiel, Season 7 Episode 1 stills, Season 7 Episode 2 Official Synopsis, Season 7 Episode 3 spoilers,

Jensen and Jared interview

Three Blinds Saint starring Richard Speight Jr

Supernatural Season Seven: what keeps us watching?

'Supernatural' star: 'Fringe can bring it on'

Dragon Con 2011 A Few Minutes with Jim Beaver


Have you heard about Misha's latest project? Check it out here: Divine the Series

Just for fun: We're looking for fun/funny/original captions for fun photos! You can check out this month's picture on our Fun Stuff page. Email us your captions and we will post them on the site.

Wolfpup on Livejournal always has the best pictures from conventions. Here is a link to her pictures from the Vancouver Convention.

Season 6 Gag Reel

COULD CONTAIN SPOILERS: Misha is God, Everything Else is Details

Official Supernatual Souvenir Magazine Special

Official Description of episode 1 "Meet the New Boss"

Jared Padalecki: some quiet time


Congratulations to Karmyn who won our August prize pack!

Say hello to our August Fan of the Month, Kim! Check out her interview and a fun video here.

Meet Gracie. She is our September Pet of the Month. If you would like more information about her, contact A Dog's Life Rescue!


Fire on a backlot up in Vancouver

COULD BE SPOILERY - 'Supernatural': Kevin McNally to play Season 7's new computer genius

SPOILERY - The CW's Supernatural Season 7 Preview: "No More Noir">

'Supernatural' scoop: '90210' alum cast as new baddie">

Matt Cohen: As He Really Is …

Jensen Ackles at Vancon: Why Dean Makes Him (and us!) Happy

Barbara is selling some of her Supernatural stuff. Check it out.

Supernatural fans travel from all over the world for Vancouver convention

Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting by David Reed

2012 Calendars are available now


‘Supernatural’ Creator Developing Series Adaptation Of Comic ‘Deadman’ For CW


Another Season 7 Preview....ENJOY

Supernatural convention gives Vancouver fans a close encounter with the stars

Charisma Carpenter and Jared smiling for the camera on the set


Wanna see some of the cool ducks Clif and the guys have collected so far? Click here.

What are you doing on September 22nd? No plans? GREAT! Check out A Dog's Life Rescue's "Bow-Wow Bash" at Tailwaggers from 5 - 10PM. Sure to be a blast with auction items, food and drinks. Bring a friend. Heck bring 10 and have a blast raising money for this great organization! Visit our A Dog's Life Page to view the flier for more information.


Supernatural Fans Give A Duck For Charity
If you want to send a duck in for a good cause, send it to:
Supernatural Films Inc.
8085 Glenwood Drive
Burnaby, B.C.
V3N 5C8

Duck Nation

Thanks to Clif Kosterman for the above pic.

Supernatural on Set - Jensen & Jared E! Online Interview - P.1

Supernatural on Set - Jensen & Jared E! Online Interview - P.2

Supernatural on Set - Jensen & Jared E! Online Interview - P.3

Supernatural S7 Premiere Trailer.mpg

Supernatural Season 7 casting spoilers. Don't hover over the link, the URL has the names in it!

Three XXXX Alums Heading to Supernatural! Find Out Who, and What Jared Padalecki Thinks

Jensen Ackles teases new 'Supernatural' story

'Supernatural' spoilers: Dealing with a new evil

Photos: Gastown gets Supernatural

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki: 'Supernatural' Studs!

Watch the first 2 Supernatural Anime Series episodes here (North America only...sorry)


‘Supernatural’ Exclusive Interview: Jim Beaver Talks Winchester ‘Infrastructure’ Change in Season 7


Have you gotten your Moosekateer Wristband yet? What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to get your's now. 100% of the proceeds go to A Dog's Life Rescue!

Pic of Jared and Jason Manns at a Red Sox game

'Supernatural' Star Misha Collins on Castiel, Divinity and Wanting to Do Comedy

CW Boss Talks Supernatural's Fate, Gossip Girl Cast Erosion, One Tree Hill Reprieve and More!

Wishes Of A Television-aholic: 'Supernatural'

SPOILERY Supernatural's New God Misha Collins Spills on His Limited Season-Seven Role


Meta, Meme, Beta and Emo: A chat with Guy Bee

'Supernatural' Interview: Executive Producer Ben Edlund at Comic-Con

Jensen Ackles Reveals What Lies Ahead on Supernatural

COULD CONTAIN SPOILERS: Comic-Con 2011: 'Supernatural' Adds More Returning Favorites for Season 7

Supernatural @ Comic-Con: Sam's Flashbacks, Castiel's Future, and… Ninjas from Space?

Massively Hysteric For SUPERNATURAL

Spoilers from Comic Con

New Spoilery Sera Gamble Interview - Comic Con Special TV Guide Edition


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Authors Note Donation


Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke Gets Haunted at Warner Bros.

Spoiler TV: The Best TV Show Competition 2011 - Day 29 - Quarter Final 1 - Chuck vs. Supernatural


Vote EVERYDAY for A Dog's Life Rescue (make sure you pick the one in CA). They could win $300,000!


Check out our exclusive interview with Peter Ciuffa, aka, H.P. Lovecraft from "Let It Bleed".


'Supernatural' Season 7: Colin Ford to return as young Sam, directed by Jensen Ackles

Now available: "Supernatural: Coyote's Kiss" by Christa Faust on

Thanks to the fabulous Margaux de Merle, we have a brand new section in our store! Check it out!

Tater Tops 2011: Who's Your TV Drama King? Keep Jensen in the lead!


The Meet & Greet: Disney’s Colin Ford — Matt Damon’s Latest Co-Star


Check out these great pictures from Asylum from the By Supernatural Seriously Awesome group.

Smallville's Most Memorable Guest Stars

Still from the finale from ontd_spnparty on LiveJournal

Comic Con 2011 News

Jared gave us a little shout out while doing an interview with Carina MacKenzie at Zap2It. Thanks Carina! And thank YOU all for all your donations and support!



'Supernatural': Castiel will take a look at his life

Some Danneel Ackles news

Supernatural Holds Panel at the Paley Festival

Check out the preview for Criminal Minds with the one and only Chad Lindberg

Picture of Danneel and Jensen's new pup. All together now.....Awwwwww

'Supernatural' star teases Lisa, Ben story

A Fan Perspective: SUPERNATURAL at Paley Fest 2011 with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalacki


Please note any of the links below COULD contain spoilers. Enter at your own risk!

Pictures from the Paley Festival

Highlights from Jen

More Paley Festival pictures

Supernatural at PaleyFest '11: All the Spoilers, Details & Photos at TV OverMind


Another awesome Cafe Press store with fan made Supernatural Stuff. Check them out


Pictures from the set


Check out our NEW DeviantArt website Carleigh set up for us! Thank you SO much Carleigh!!!

Vote for Supernatural for a 2010 Spoiler TV award

TV's Top Shirtless Guy Moments of 2009 ,

Vote for your favorite SN Twitter-er

The Top 5 Questions We Want Answered in the 'Supernatural' Season Finale

SPOILER ALERT (XXX is the name of a returning character) Can XXX resist the call of the Mother?

Supernatural Is Scary Good

Supernatural Spoilers: Season Finale to "Bring Mythology to a Head"

Couch Potato: 'Supernatural' heading in right direction

Supernatural's Boss: Expect "Unexpected Deaths" in the Season 6 Finale

Supernatural: Eric Kripke Wrote the Season 6 Finale

'Supernatural': Mary and Ellen return, Sam and Dean meet Eve

'Supernatural' fans rally for Jared Padalecki's favorite charity and more

Got Cable? Supernatural is FINALLY On Demand!

05.04.2011: 'Supernatural's' Ben Edlund: Castiel's betrayal 'is going to hurt Dean deeply'

A Cavalcade of Awesome: PaleyFest 2011 to Feature 'Supernatural,' 'Community' and More

01.16.2011: EXCLUSIVE: 'Supernatural' Goes West, Plus More Winchester Scoop


2010 Links

12.13.2010: TV, what is it good for? A little shout out to Support Supernatural.

TV, what is it good for? A little shout out to Support Supernatural.

Supernatural fans do it again. Check out the cover of TV Guide for December 13th!!!

The Cast of Supernatural thanks the fans for the TV Guide cover

12.03.2010: Supernatural grows bold and creative

Tony Timpone's Elegies: TV Terror Report Card

Supernatural Unhappy with Role

Eric Kripke Defends "Swan Song"

Season 5 Gag Reel

Ausiello Spoilers

Supernatural Anime Teaser Trailer

CW exec teases 'Supernatural' future

'Supernatural' Getting a Big Reboot

The CW Fall Promo

One Tree Hill and Supernatural may continue past next seasons

Supernatural Honcho: We're Gonna Get You, Suckers!

Supernatural folks talk cliffhangers and Bobbymania

Pics from the Set

Comic Con 2010 Lineup


Ghostfacers Videos

Season 1 Episode 10

Season 1 Episode 9

Season 1 Episode 8

Season 1 Episode 7

Season 1 Episode 6

Season 1 Episode 5

Season 1 Episode 4

Season 1 Episode 3

Season 1 Episode 2

Season 1 Episode 1

'Supernatural' Spoilers: How Will Sam and Dean Stop the Apocalypse?

Season 6 confirmation!04.16.2010: 'Supernatural' Spoilers: How Will Sam and Dean Stop the Apocalypse?

'Supernatural': Hope for a sixth season?

Ickiest Love Story

Videos taken from the 100th episode Party

Supernatural is on the cover of the Feb issue of SFX magazine

'Supernatural': The boys are back tonight, but are we excited for a potential season six?

Supernatural Donates PCA Nomination Flutes to Haiti,

'Supernatural' exclusive: 'Southland' thesp takes aim at Cupid role

Exclusive clip from 2010's first 'Supernatural' episode

Check out our new Exclusive Interview with Kurt Fuller, AKA “Zachariah” ,

Watch Full Episodes of Supernatural here,

Sci-Fi fans turn on TEN ,

Kripke is “Warming” to a Sixth Season of Supernatural,

The CW - Mid-Season Schedule,

Promo Pics for S5E13

Check out Gabriel Tigerman's latest project, The Bannen Way

New Misha Promo Pic (HOT HOT HOT!!)

Best TV lines of 2009

GO Jensen....won the Best Actor Award at The CW Awards

Supernatural wins the 2009 Sci-Fi award for Best TV Show

CW Promo for Supernatural

Full Plot Details for Supernatural's Return

'Supernatural' exclusive: Sixth season or bust?

1st CONGRATULATIONS to Jared and Genevieve on the announcement of their engagement. Support Supernatural is so very happy for them and wish them a long and beautiful life together.

2nd Supernatural won a People's Choice Award for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show! CONGRATULATIONS SUPERNATURAL!

Some more new books coming out based on Supernatural;
Release Date February 16, 2010 "Heart of the Dragon" by Keith R.A. DeCandido
Release Date April 20, 2010 "Dark History", author unknown
Release Date June 1, 2010 "War of the Sons" by Rebecca Dessertine & David Reed
Release Date July 27, 2010 "The Official Companion Season 4"
Release Date September 21, 2010 "The Official Companion Season 5"


2009 Links

Check out #5:'s Top 100Everything of 2009: 10-1

Win a signed Supernatural poster from Titan Magazines, The Blame Game - Blog by Elizabeth Brenner

Do you see your postcard? ,

TNT LANDS "SUPERNATURAL" REPEATS , Our friend Maryline sent us her heartwarming story of taking care of some homeless cats in her neighborhood. Read the story HERE! , New Misha interview with TV Guide, Alice Jester's view on TNT picking up supernatural HERE , Here is an address of Eileen at TNT network. Tell her how happy you are they are airing SPN!

New Interview with Jim Beaver


Bored? The CW Has an App For That!

Where is Lucifer?

Ratings News

Supernatural: "The End" Preview Clips and Fan News

This is too funny. One of the guys from Ghost Hunters does Dean in his Eye of the Tiger "video"

The Kim Manners Emmy Controversy

Supernatural 101

09.10.2009: The return of 'Supernatural' to the CW is a Thursday TV pick

09.10.2009: 'Supernatural' returns: It's the end of the world as they know it — and it's funny!

09.10.2009: Lucifer is Coming: How 'Supernatural' Stole Twitter

09.10.2009: #luciferiscoming ... The Twitterverse Has Been Warned..

09.09.2009: Television: Supernatural Season 5 Begins With Sympathy for the Devil, But What Was Season 4 Really All About?

09.09.2009: TV Preview: Supernatural Season Five Premiere

09.06.2009: A 'natural' death (could contain spilers!)

09.02.2009: God and Muscle Cars Come to 'Supernatural'

09.01.2009: "Show Creator Eric Kripke Determined to End 'Supernatural' at Season 5"

08.24.2009: 'Supernatural' Takes Three Portal Awards

08.23.2009: Supernatural season 4 dvd release and view the newest season 5 promo

08.14.2009: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Supernatural: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Clip (BELOW)

08.11.2009:Get up to date on Supernatural


08.04.2009: Supernatural season six a ‘possibility’

08.04.2009: 'Supernatural' Creator Never Dreamed Of Six Seasons On The CW

07.29.2009: Supernatural Plans for the Apocalypse

07.27.2009: Comic Con 2009: God to Finally Appear on 'Supernatural'

07.26.2009: 'Supernatural' Photos from Comic-Con 2009

07.26.2009: SDCC 09: Supernatural Season Five Update

07.26.2009: 'Supernatural' returns to haunt Comic-Con

07.26.2009: Quick Comic Con Update from our friend Alice Jester

07.26.2009: Comic Con Video Part 1

07.26.2009: Comic Con Video Part 2

07.26.2009: 'Supernatural' Season 5, or Why Dean Takes Cas to a Whorehouse

07.26.2009: Comic Con News: (DAY 4 - July 26, 2009): Huge 'Supernatural' Season Five News

07.26.2009: Updates from Comic Con! (COULD BE SPOILERY!!)

07.24.2009: Living poaches rights to 'Supernatural'

07.23.2009: Living secures rights to US drama Supernatural

07.23.2009: Supernatural finds new home after ITV2 drops show

Angels and Demons Descend on Supernatural

Download Lazarus Rising FREE from iTunes!!

"Supernatural" doubling up on Thursdays beginning August 6

Snippet from season four bonus features

07.20.2009: Comic Con Hiatus Time

07.20.2009: The TEN Bad Boys of Television!

07.18.2009: Outcry from Supernatural fans as ITV2 fails to commit to Season Five (this pertains to fans in the UK)

07.15.2009: Warner Bros. Television Group Returns to Comic-Con in 2009 - Featured

07.15.09: Chud Quick List: 13 Things About Supernatural

07.14.2009: Who's Taking Home the Golden Tater? Meet the Winners of the 2009 Tater Top Awards!

07.13.2009: Season 5 Scoop (SPOILERY)

07.11.2009: Who deserves an Emmy nod for Supporting Actor/Actress in a Drama? (Add a comment for your fave Sn guy!!)

07.13.2009:Sci-fi Hotties of '09 Update: Summer Glau, Jensen Ackles in the lead

07.13.2009: Comic Con Scedule is Out!

07.07.2009: Lost's Jacob joins Supernatural (casting spoiler)

07.06.2009: Supernatural Season 5 Casting Updates

07.05.2009: What Are TV's Best and Worst Credit Sequences?

06.30.3009: Another Character Returns to 'Supernatural' for Season 5 (SPOILERY)

Post Card Campaign, welcome cast and crew back to the studio

Scan of the August 2009 SFX Magazine article

07.12.2009: CASTING SPOILER click at your own risk!!!!

07.08.2009: SUPERNATURAL Stars Diss Fans!

06.30.2009: Supernatural Casting News: Demons Galore!

06.30.2009: Supernatural Brings Back *** <--CONTAINS SPOILERS

06.25.2009: Warner Brothers Announces Comic Con Panels

06.23.2009: Casting SPOILER News

The Beast With Two Backs - A comic penned by Eric Kripke

06.14.2009: Genre Shows, Except 'Supernatural,' Struggled Last Season

06.14.2009: Portal Award Nominations

06.12.2009: 'Supernatural' casting sympathetic Devil

06.12.2009: Sourcies Nominations Are Open!

06.08.2009: SPN nominated for a British Fantasy Award

Stars in town for shoots

06.10.2009: Supernatural's Jared Padalecki turned down G.I. Joe role

06.10.2009: The CW's Fall Promo: TV to Talk About

Shooting dates for all TV series that film in Vancouver

06.07.2009: Comic Con 2009 Update # 1

06.06.2009: Supernatural stars talk to Anorak City

06.07.2009: Michael Shanks Online Launches Charity Auction!

06.06.2009: The Best Guest Stars Is...

06.03.2009: The Art Of Dying (on screen): Who's Mastered It?

06.01.2009: The Dog Days Of Summer (Or Shows You Dont Watch But Should)

05/21/2009: Reality Check - Season Five Is Not Supernatural's Last Season and Dawn Ostroff Is Not Out To Destroy The Show

05.28.2009: Dream Emmy Ballot part 4: Best Lead Actor and Actress (drama)



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